Food biotechnology
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

Formation of professional competencies in food biotechnology with a high level of scientific culture forthe implementation of the learning process, the implementation of educational and scientific-innovativeactivities, taking into account current trends in the field of food production in accordance with therequirements of employers in the northern region of Kazakhstan in order to ensure the food security ofthe country.

History and philosophy of science

Foreign language (professional)

Higher school pedagogy

Management Psychology

Research culture and scientific ethics

Microbiological processes in food production technologies

Quality management of food products from animal and vegetable raw materials

Modern equipment of biotechnological production, packaging and packaging

Technology of food products of animal and vegetable origin

Modern methods of research of raw materials and products of food production

Microbiological bases of expanding the range of biotechnological products

Sanitary-hygienic and microbiological bases of food production

Theoretical foundations of the production of genetically modified products

Waste-free biotechnologies of food production

Chemistry of taste, color and aroma of vegetable raw materials and food

Bioconversion of plant raw materials

Fermentation production technology

Effect of electrophysical methods of water treatment on its microflora

Biotechnological bases of production of functional products

Expertise and safety in biotechnology

Methods for determining the composition and properties of food products

Dispersed systems and structuring

Learning outcomes and competencies

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