Kurmanbayeva Aigul Saparbekova

Kurmanbayeva Aigul Saparbekova

Head of the Department

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Kokshetau Pedagogical University named after Sh.Ualikhanov, 1985 - 1990, teacher of chemistry and biology

Main courses taught

Modern assessment of environmental risks, Bioecology, Methods of teaching ecology at the university, Physiological basis of plant resistance, Methods of scientific research in ecology

Academic degree

Candidate of Biological Sciences

Scientific direction


Brief annotation of scientific and social activities

Scientific and pedagogical experience - 32 years. She has more than 160 publications in collections of scientific papers of international, foreign scientific and practical conferences, including in foreign journals with a non-zero impact factor (SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters). Over the past 5 years, more than 6 textbooks and monographs have been published. She is a scholarship holder of the Bolashak Presidential International Program. She completed a six-month research internship at Brunel University, London, UK in 2013, majoring in: "Economics and national economy management" and "Theory and methods of education and training". (Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing by areas and levels of education).She completed an internship at the University of Tampere (Finland), the University of Valencia and the University ofValiadolid (Spain), at ITMO University (St. Petersburg, Russia). She graduated from the courses of trainers in the educational program of additional professional education of graduate students of higher educational institutions, developed on the basis of level-based professional development programs for teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Has a patent for a utility model "Method of obtaining polymer-sanded paving slabs" Kazakhstan, No. 6808


1 Scientific supervisor of the international scientific project "A multi-dimensional environment-health risk analysis system for Kazakhstan" jointly with Brunel University (Great Britain) Application ID:172614334 within the framework of the British Council "Newton-al-Farabi" program (grantholder – Brunel University).

2 Participated in two international projects: TEMPUS JPCR EPASAT -517313- IT-2011 and TEMPUS PROJECT CIBELES JEP 511172 - DE – 2010.

3 Training Coordinator of Project 585761-EPP-1-2017-1- FI-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "Improving competence in the field of sustainable waste management in the training of specialists at universities in Russia and Kazakhstan/ EduEnvi", according to the Erasmus+ program.

4 Project Coordinator - No.618715-EPP-1-2020-1- DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP "Development of circular economy (closed-loop economy) in partner countries based on the development and implementation of the Master's Program "Waste Management" - UnWaste", under the Erasmus+ program.".


  1. The title «Best University Teacher – 2020» RK
  2. Award Breastplate "Excellence in the field of Ecology", 2022
  3. Honorary diploma of the Minister of education and Science "for contribution to the development of domestic science", 2021.
  4. Jubilee medal "Veteran of Kokshetau State University".
  5. Medal of Koshetau State University named after Sh.Ualikhanov "For special merits", 2017.

Main scientific publications

In domestic periodicals and KKSON

1 Zhumay E., Kurmanbaeva A.S., Khusainov A.T., Agaydarova A.A., Bayazitova Z.E. Assessment of the ecological condition of White lake (Akkul) of the State National Natural park Kokshetau. №4 2020 Вестник КазНИТУ

2. Kurmanbayeva A.S., Khusainov A.T., Zhumai E. Ecological condition of Lake "Burabay" of the State National Natural Park "Burabay". Kazakhstan Science news. № 3 (141). 2019.

3 Tazitdinova R.M., Beisenova R.R., Kurmanbaeva A.S., Grigoriev A.I. Accumulation of heavy metals in rats during chronic combined intoxication with zinc, copper and arsenic salts. Bulletin of Karaganda University, No. 1 (93), 2019. From 36 – 43.

4 Kurmanbaeva A.S., Safronova N.M., Mukatova A.A.,. Makhanova S.K.,. Tautanov T.B. Characteristics of phytocenoses in the zone of influence of the Joint-Stock Company "Altyntau Resources". Bulletin of Kaz NU named after Al-Farabi, ecological series, No. 3 (45), 2015.

5 Kurmanbaeva A.S., Russel A., Althonayan A., Ali M., Zhumabayeva S.E., Gazdieva B.A., Akhmetov K.K., Mukanov E. Atmospheric air pollution in the Akmola region and assessment of environmental risk to public health. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Biological and Medical series, No. 6, 2016. pp.23 - 29

In foreign periodicals

1 Russell, A., Ghalaieny, M., Gazdiyeva, B., Zhumabayeva, S., Kurmanbayeva, A.S., Akhmetov, K.K., Mukanov, Y., McCann, M., Ali, M., Tucker, A., Vitolo, C., Althonayan, A .A Spatial Survey of Environmental Indicators for Kazakhstan: An Examination of Current Conditions and Future Needs. International Journal of Environmental Research, 12 (5), 2018, pp. 735-748.

  1. Kurmanbayeva, A.S., Kakabayev, A.A., Bayazitova, Z.E., Baikenova, G.E., Sharipova, B.U. Environmental assessment of the Akmola region territories relative to the exposure to diseases of the population by the sigmal deviation method. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering

3 Tazitdinova R, Beisenova R., Saspugayeva G., Bakhyt Aubakirova B., Nurgalieva Z., Zandybai A., Fakhrudenova I., Kurmanbayeva A. Changes in the Biochemical Parameters of Rat Blood under the Combined Effect of Chronic Intoxication with such Heavy Metals as Copper, Zinc, Arsenic. Advances in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Volume 6(11), 2018, pp. 492 – 498

4 Zhumay Yerlana, Khussainov Abilzhana, Kurmanbayeva Aigula, Skipin Leonidb, Onerkhan Gulzhainac. Assessment of hydrophysical and hydrochemical features of water bodies: a case study of lake Imantau, Kazakhstan. Water Conservation and Management (WCM) 5(2) (2021) 88-93

DOI: http://doi.org/10.26480/wcm.02.2021.88.93


  1. Ecological conditionality of the morbidity of the population in the Akmola region.- Alla Prima LLP.- 2019.- 115 p.
  2. The current ecological state of the State National Natural Park "Burabai", measures to improve it Monograph, - Kokshetau: The World of Printing, 2019, - 324 p
  3. "Burabai" Memlekettik ulttyk tabigi parkinin kazirgi ekologiyalyk ahualy, ony zhaksartu zhonindegi sharalar. Monograph, - Kokshetau: The World of Printing, 2019, - 324 p.

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