Zholamanova Dinara Kanguzhinovna

Zholamanova Dinara Kanguzhinovna


E-mail: Education

Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov(2002 – 2006 f.)


Main courses taught

Computer networks, Optimization of computer systems, Web technologies.

Academic degree

Master of Engineering and Technology

PhD thesis topic,doctoral thesis, master's thesis.

DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMOPERATIONAL HELP DESK(on the example of Shokan Information and Consulting Center LLP).

Scientific direction

The scientific novelty of the study has developed a new database, which consists of a special structure of files created in the process of adding information to the database.

Brief summary of scientific and social activities

This dissertation is devoted to the development of an information system for operational management Help Desk. LLP "Information and Consulting Center Shokan" serves as an object for research and implementation,whose activity is the professional training of students of any social and age group who have a basic level of education, who want to become more in demand on the labor market in their chosen specialty or improve their skills in the right areas.