History of the Chair

In 2000, “The Department of Economic and Mathematical Methods” wasestablished at the Faculty of Economics of the KSU named after Sh. Ualikhanov,Kalimulla Sultanovich Musabekov, Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences,Associate Professor, was appointed head of the department. Under his leadership,the department trained specialists in such specialties as "Information Systems (ineconomics)", "Information systems (in engineering)", " Information Systems (byareas and branches of application)», "Computer systems of information processingand management".

On March 27, 2006, “The Department of Economic and MathematicalMethods” was renamed and became “The Department of Information Systems andComputer Engineering”.

Since 2021, the department has been part of the S. SadvakasovAgrotechnical Institute and is now called “The Department of Information andCommunication Technologies”.


5 scientists of laboratories are assigned to the Department of ICT: №318,№320, №321, №324, №310, which are equipped with modern equipment. Theseinclude Cybersecurity laboratories and ACADEMICA.

Department of information and communicationTechnologies