Yeszhanov Galikhan

Yeszhanov Galikhan

Associate Professor

E-mail: Education

Tselinograd Agricultural Institute.

Main courses taught

Fundamentals of technology for the production and repair of cars, Reliability and repair of cars.

Brief annotation of scientific and social activities

Scientific interests are related to the problem of wear and tear of machines, their repair and maintenance during operation. The tasks to be solved lie in the field of improving the reliability of agricultural and automotive equipment. Conducting theoretical and applied research is based on experiments and accelerated tests.

Scientific direction

Research in the field of operation and repair of machines.

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Number of works


Main scientific publications

  • Yeszhanov G.S., Kuzembayev S.B., Nurmaganbetov Zh.O. Method of sifting bulk materials and device for its implementation. Innovative patent No. 34176. Application No. 2018/0969.1. Filing date 24.12.2018. Published on 21.02.2020 in bulletin No. 7.
  • Yeszhanov G.S., Mukasheva Zh.Zh. Nañ-toqash oñımderiń biologïyalıq aktıwtı qosparlar men bayıtw. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Shokan oqylary-23". 2019, vol. 5.
  • Yeszhanov G.S., Kuzembayev S.B. Regional problems of mechanical engineering. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern engineering innovation technologies". Vol. 1. Kokshetau 2021.
  • Yeszhanov G.S., Kozhakov A.M. Textbook for colleges. NAO "Talap", Nur-Sultan 2021.
  • Yeszhanov, G. S., Shunekeyeva, A. A., Alimardanova, M. K., Majorov, A. A., & Koltyugina, O. V. (2021). Improving sensory and quality properties of yogurts from goat’s milk. Series chemistry and technology, 2(446), 120–127. doi:10.32014/2021.2518-1491.36
  • G Yeszhanov, I Mizanbekov, G Essyrkep, S Uzbergenova, L Konkayeva, A Shunekeyeva. Using GIS technologies to determine the weediness of agricultural crops in the example of the Akmola region. International scientific conference GIS in Central Asia - GISCA 2022 and geoinformatics GI 2022 "Designing a geospatial ecosystem", Tashkent, Uzbekistan, May 23-27, 2022.