Nurmukhanbetova Nurgul Nurkenovna

Nurmukhanbetova Nurgul Nurkenovna

Candidate of chemical since, Associate Professor, Head of Department

E-mail: Education

Kazakh State University named after S.M. Kirov, Faculty of Chemistry, qualification - Chemist. Teacher, 1990.

Main courses taught

Methods of teaching chemistry in the conditions of polyazy education, physical Colloidal chemistry,theoretical foundations of Organic Chemistry and Dr.

Academic degree

Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Scientific direction

Natural sciences, Pedagogical sciences, Environmental protection and human ecology, Food industry, Agricultural and Veterinary sciences

Brief summary of scientific and social activities

The experience of scientific and pedagogical work in a higher educational institution is 32 years, including 4 years as head of the department, head of the educational department, head of the UMC - 3 years. Dissertation research is devoted to the synthesis and study of the physico-chemical characteristics of sorbents based on the raw material base of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the treatment of natural and wastewater. As a teacher, I am interested in working with gifted and talented children. Since 1992, he has been actively engaged in the preparation of school students and students for subject Olympiads of various levels, and since 1997 he has been advising schoolchildren on research projects, among which 7 are prize-winners at the national and 2 people at the international level. Since 2012, he has been working in the direction of «Methodological foundations for the development of modular educational programs based on a competency-based approach». Nurgul Nurkenovna is the author of multilingual educational programs for the preparation of chemistry teachers at the master's and bachelor's levelNurgul Nurkenova has educational and methodological developments and publications, including textbooks, recommended by the Republican Educational and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan: « Bioecology» and « Theoretical foundations of organic chemistry »; author of a collective monograph (in English, Russian and Kazakh) on Integrated water Resources management in Kazakhstan, glossary of terms (2 pcs.): «Integrated Water Cycle Management» and chemistry; electronic training tools approved in accordance with the established procedure - 3 pcs; copyright certificates (7 pcs.) for intellectual property objects. She worked as a member of the Republican team of experts of textbooks of the new generation for secondary schools. Actively participates in the preparation of applications and is the executor of international educational projects of the European Union: TEMPUS (5 projects) and ERASMUS+ (3 projects), in the project LMPI she was a local coordinator. Nugrul Nurkenovna is a member of the REMS in the Al-Farabi KazNU and Kaz NPU named after. Abai, an expert of the IARA and IAQAE (Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education), an expert and chairman of the jury of the competition of research projects of schoolchildren at the regional level, chairman of the regional round of the subject Olympiad of schoolchildren in chemistry. Teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Chemistry and Chemistry-Biology. She has trained and graduated more than 10 undergraduates. Annually participates in the jury of competitions of scientific projects of schoolchildren, regional and city subject school Olympiads. The head of the winners of the republican contests of RWS. Over the past five years, Nurgul Nurkenova has completed advanced training courses in Almaty and the United Kingdom (Newcastle), in Germany, Bulgaria, Spain (Valencia), a scientific internship in the Russian Federation (Tomsk). Nurmukhanbetova Nurgul Nurkenovna was awarded the diploma of the Minister of Education and Science for her personal contribution to the development of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Altynsarin medal (2020), is the winner of the competition «Best University Teacher – 2019».

Number of works

More than 200

Main scientific publications for the last 5 years 2017-2022

  1. Assessing the Influence of Electrode Polarity on the Treatment of Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater. Meiramkulova, K., Bazarbayeva, T., Orynbassar, R., ...Apendina, A., Nurmukhanbetova, N.. - Molecules, 2022, 27(3), 1014 DOI 10.3390/molecules27031014
  2. Investigating the influence of column depth on the treatment of textile wastewater using natural zeolite. Mkilima, T., Meiramkulova, K., Nurbala, U., ...Mashan, T., Meirbekov, A. , Nurmukhanbetova N.. - Molecules, 2021, 26(22), 7030 DOI 10.3390/molecules2622703
  3. Nurmukhanbetova Nurgul, Tauzhanova Ayazhan, Kurmanbayeva Aigul, Temirbekova Nurgul, Fakhrudenova Idia. Psychological and pedagogical aspects of teaching natural sciences. - DILEMAS CONTEMPORANEOS-EDUCACION POLITICA Y VALORES. - VOLUME 6. - AUG 2019. – 22 p.