History of the Chair

The Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology was organized in 1984, in connection with the opening of the specialty «Chemistry and Biology» at the Kokchetav Pedagogical Institute named after Ch. Valikhanov.The greatest contribution to the development of the specialty «Chemistry and Biology» was made by Kozachenko T.I., Kozachenko N.N., Kadyrbekova A.Zh., Abilkaeva S.A., Abdulmanov A.G., Aimakov O.A. They have set up appropriate training laboratories. A great contribution to the development of scientific student research was made by the heads of the Department of Chemistry Kadyrbekova A.Zh., Abilkaeva S.A., associate professors Abdulmanov A.G., Kozachenko N.N., Professor Aimakov O.A. Since 2010, the department has been renamed as the Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology. Among the graduates of the department there are candidates and doctors of sciences.

Chemistry and biotechnology department

Educational Programs