The library of the S. Saduakasov Agrarian and Technical Institute is an integral part of the Ualikhanov KU library. The library serves users of all forms of education, faculty and staff.

The main objectives:

  1. 1. complete and prompt library and bibliographic service to readers with literature in accordance with their information requests;
  2. 2. formation of the fund of the department in accordance with the curricula of KU named after Ualikhanov;
  3. 3. ensuring the safety of the library's book fund;
  4. 4. fostering information culture.

At present, after optimization, the library has two departments: the delivery desk and the reading room. The lending of literature at home is done in the library delivery desk room. In the reading rooms, you can use literature without the right to take it out.

Delivery desk

It is located on the third floor (room 304), building № 5 (170 Kuanysheva St.). Here you can get textbooks and manuals, collections of works of classics of science, modern domestic and foreign scientists, as well as popular scientific literature in all branches of knowledge in the state and russian languages. For one month, one semester or the entire academic year. If necessary, you can extend the use. There is also a fund of fiction in Kazakh and Russian languages.


Head of service sector: Serdobintseva Irina Vladimirovna

Contact number: 8 701 646 57 29


Reading room № 3

The library is located on the second floor (room 204), building № 5 (170 Kuanysheva St.). Readers have access to educational, scientific and popular literature on natural science, the science studies, art, technology, pedagogy, psychology, health and sports, linguistics, etc. For those who want to learn foreign languages there are textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, and reference books. In the room are constantly exhibited exhibitions for important events and anniversaries, viewings of new acquisitions. A member of the room conducts various cultural and educational programs with students and educators.

Librarian of the reading room: Mukusheva Arsha Esengeldinovna

Contact number: 8 776 158 55 38


Working hours

Monday — Friday, 09.00 — 18.00

Lunch break - 13.00-14.00

Days off — Saturday, Sunday.