Preschool education and upbringing
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects


Objectives of the educational program

Theoretical and practical training of graduates for the implementation of pedagogical and research activities in the field of preschool education in the Northern and other regions of Kazakhstan through:

  • Orientation of students to the main strategies and vectors of state policy in the field of preschool education; youth policy of the state; the national ideology of raising children and youth, based on the value bases of the National Patriotic Idea "Mangilik El" and the main provisions of the program "Rukhani Zhangyru";
  • Formation of a value attitude to the profession of a teacher of preschool education through knowledge of the conceptual provisions for the development of preschool education in the Republic of Kazakhstan, understanding its social significance
  • Аcademic writing
  • Information and Communication Technologies (in English)
  • Sociology
  • Educational activities in different age groups
  • Education management and digitalization
  • Physical Culture
  • undergraduate practice
  • Theory and technology of social development at an early ageInclusive pre-school educationLeadership and youth policy
  • Inclusive pre-school education
  • Leadership and youth policy
  • Kazakh/Russian language
  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • Culturology
  • Physiology of development of preschoolers
  • Theory and technologies of logical and mathematical development of preschoolers
  • Theory and technologies for the development of speech and literacy of preschool children
  • Innovations in preschool education
  • Distance technologies in preschool education
  • Preschool Pedagogy
  • History of preschool pedagogy
  • Workshop on gaming technologies in a preschool organization
  • Theory and methodology of educational work in a preschool organization
  • Psychological and pedagogical foundations of the game
  • Educational practice
  • Fundamentals of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Internship
  • Pedagogy
  • Introduction to the teaching profession
  • Teaching practice
  • Pedagogical practice (continuous)
  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Fundamentals of life safety
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language
  • Shokan studies
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Fundamentals of Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Technologies of STEM education for preschoolers
  • Pedagogical animation in kindergarten
  • Children's literature
  • Methods of scientific - pedagogical research
  • Workshop on defectology and speech therapy
  • Workshop on the production of didactic materials
  • Author's methods of early development
  • Technology of sensory education of young children
  • Literary education of preschoolers
  • Technologies of moral and patriotic education of preschoolers
  • Theory and technologies of familiarization of preschool children with the outside world
  • Theories and technologies of teaching preschoolers a foreign language
  • Theory and technologies of ecological education of preschoolers
  • Theories and technologies of physical education of preschoolers
  • Technologies of search and experimental activity of preschoolers
  • ART technologies in preschool education
  • Health-saving technologies in preschool education
  • Management in preschool education
  • Social partnership of preschool organization and familyeducation abroad
  • Theory and technology of methodological support in a preschool organization
  • Technologies for organizing a variable component in a preschool organization
  • Technologies for organizing regime moments in a preschool organization
  • Technology of project activities in a preschool organization
  • Preschool preparation in a preschool organization
  • Local history in a preschool organization
  • Technologies of pedagogical monitoring in a preschool organization
  • Designing a subject-spatial developing environment for a preschool organization
  • Modern systems of preschool

Learning outcomes and competencies

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