6B01601 «History and Religious Studies»(Major)
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects

The World History

Objectives of the educational program

  • Formation of a system of historical and religious knowledge in a bachelor of pedagogical education, capable of correctly applying the acquired knowledge in professional activities and able to organize the educational process at a modern - scientific level.
  • Education of students in the spirit of Kazakhstani patriotism, religious tolerance, tolerance based on universal and social-personal values
  • Intellectual development and self-realization of the student’s personality through participation in research, design, and practical activities in various fields of historical and religious knowledge; mastery of modern educational technologies, including information technologies, ensuring the implementation of the requirements of school standards-
  • Improving professional and personal socialization skills (leadership, relationship management, teamwork, etc.) for the effective integration of future teachers into the modern educational environment


The educational program is aimed at training highly qualified personnel in the field of history and religious studies

  • Information Communication Technology
  • History of Ancient World
  • Criteria-based assessment technology
  • Physical Training
  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Religious anthropology
  • Introduction to the pedagogical profession
  • Cultural Studies
  • Study training archive and museum practice
  • Political Studies
  • Theory and methods of educational work
  • Academic writing
  • Foreign language
  • Study training practice (archeological)
  • In-company pedagogical internship
  • Academic writing
  • History of the Ancient World
  • Archeology
  • Social Studies
  • Management and digitalization of education
  • Destructive and totalitarian currents
  • Sociology religions
  • Methods of teaching religion studies
  • Inclusive education
  • The Kazakh (russian) language
  • History of Primitive Society
  • Development physiology of pupils
  • Museology and Archival Studies
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Методика преподавания истории
  • History of Turco Nations
  • Philosophy
  • Ethnology

  • Historiography and the study of world history
  • History of World Religions
  • Psychology of religion
  • European reform movement
  • Accessorial Historical Disciplines
  • Modern history of Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Culture of the Kazakh people and the values of Islam
  • Ancient and Medieval history of Kazakhstan
  • History of Public Administration
  • History of Asia and Africa in Middle Ages
  • Historical geography
  • History and culture of the CIS
  • Christian theology
  • The history of the Middle Ages of Eastern countries
  • The civilization of Asia and Africa in newerst, the newest time
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • History of Islamic theology
  • History of world civilizations
  • Basick of religious culture
  • Religious culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan
  • Cредневековая история Казахстана и Центральной Азии
  • Ethnography of the peoples of Central Asia and Kazakhstan
  • The civilization of Western countries in the Middle Ages
  • Fundamentals of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Life safety basics
  • History of International Relations
  • Shokan studies
  • Fundaments of Economic and enterprise
  • Modern history of Kazakhstan
  • New modern history of Asia and Africa
  • Modern and Newer History of Europe and America

Learning outcomes and competencies

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