Scientific history
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

4 year

Specialized subjects

The World History

Objectives of the educational program

Training of research personnel for bachelor of arts knowledge based on the development of a system of theoretical knowledge in the historical and humanities, with the aim of their application in scientific, pedagogical, applied and entrepreneurial activities.



The relevance of the educational program is the integration of research and entrepreneurial activities, which involves training specialists who are competitive in the labor market, based on the principles of interdisciplinarity and a competency-based approach, they can organize scientific research and teaching activities in educational institutions and research organizations, and develop respect for the cultural heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan , identify current areas of scientific research in the field of history, consulting assistance on issues of history in organizations and groups of the region, cultural and educational work among the population, professional activities in museums and archives, implementation of the preservation of cultural heritage, entrepreneurial activities in the field of historical tourism, professional career growth in business and science.

  • Academic writing
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Archeological practice
  • Social Studies
  • Theory, practice, methodology of scientific research
  • Physical Training
  • In-company internship
  • History of Ancient World
  • Office work and Latin graphics
  • The Kazakh/russian language
  • Archeology of Kazakhstan
  • Historiography and source studies of the history of Kazakhstan
  • Archival work in Kazakhstan
  • Museum work in Kazakhstan
  • Ancient History of Kazakhstan
  • Modern History of Kazakhstan
  • Современная история Казахстана
  • Средневековая история Казахстана
  • Historical anthropology of Kazakhstan
  • Cultural Studies
  • Values “The Mangilik Yel (Eternal Country) and modernization of the consciousness
  • Archive practice
  • Museum practice
  • Prediploma training
  • Psychology
  • Political Studies
  • History methodology
  • History teaching methodology
  • The basics of tolerance
  • History of Turco Nations
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language
  • History of civilization of the East and West

  • New modern history of Asia and Africa
  • Alashovedenie
  • Botay culture
  • Modern and Newer History of Europe and America
  • Scientific research methodology in general and secondary specialized educational institutions
  • Comparative history of the Empire
  • Intellectual history
  • Accessorial Historical Disciplines
  • Kazakh Khans and famous personalities of the Kazakh state
  • Ethnography of Kazakhstan in Central Asia
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan in the world community
  • Applied historical disciplines
  • History of nomadism
  • The civilization of Western countries in the Middle Ages
  • History of Middle Ages
  • Fundamentals of law and anti-corruption culture
  • Information and communication technologies in historical research
  • Historical local history
  • History of Diplomacy and Consular Service
  • Life safety basics
  • History of the CIS countries
  • The role of personality in history
  • History of international relations
  • Shokan studies
  • Ecology and sustainable development
  • Fundaments of Economics and enterprise
  • Ethnology

Learning outcomes and competencies

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