Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

2 years

Objectives of the educational program

Training of competitive specialists in the educational program "Medicine" who are able to apply and develop innovative technologies in the field of medical science and education and meet the needs of society in the provision of medical services.

  • Foreign language (Professional)
  • History and philosophy of science
  • Pedagogy of higher education
  • Psychology of management
  • Research culture and scientific ethics
  • Fundamentals of teaching methodology in medicine
  • Methodologies of scientific research in medicine
  • Organization and management of health
  • Clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine
  • Clinical and economic expertise in clinical practice

  • Personalized pharmacotherapy
  • Search, evaluation and adaptation of international recommendations, guidelines and clinical protocols
  • Methodology for the rational use of medicines
  • Drug Technology Assessment
  • Interaction and interchangeability of drugs
  • Principles of rational use of antibacterial agents
  • Improving the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal sepsis
  • Topical issues of surgical endocrinology
  • Topical issues of acute surgical diseases of the abdominal organs
  • Problems of treatment in thoracic surgery
  • Prevention and therapeutic nutrition for metabolic disorders
  • Obesity and cardiovascular complications
  • Methods of functional diagnostics of heart failure
  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of chronic heart failure

Learning outcomes and competencies

-Shows understanding and knowledge of the interdisciplinary nature of research in the medical field.

-Able to acquire new knowledge and practical skills in professional research and teaching activities in the medical field.

-Determines the strategy for the provision of specialized medical care, the strategy for disease prevention, healthcare management and the circulation of medicines and medical devices.

-Applies scientific data to advance the medical field and introduce new methods within their area of specialization.

-Clearly and understandably provides ideas, information, problems and solutions, conclusions, both professionals and non-professionals in their field of specialization in the medical field.

-Organizes professional activities in its field of specification in the field of medicine, based on the latest achievements of science and practice.

-Works on his professional growth, shows reflection skills, teaching experience at the higher education level.

-Summarizes the results of research work in a scientific article and dissertation.

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