Medicine (profile)
Educational program code


Language of instruction

Kazakh, Russian

Learning level


Duration of study

1 year

Objectives of the educational program

Training of competitive, qualified personnel in the educational program "Medicine", with the competencies of professional and practical activities to provide medical services in Kazakhstan in accordance with the requirements of the labor

  • Foreign language (Professional)
  • Management
  • Management psychology
  • Organization and management of healthcare
  • Clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine

  • Modern clinical research methods
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratory diagnostics
  • Topical issues of acute surgical diseases of the abdominal organs
  • Problems of treatment in thoracic surgery
  • Interpretation of laboratory research methods
  • Topical issues of biomedicine

Learning outcomes and competencies

- Forms knowledge based on the most important aspects in the field of environmental culture, security, economics, socio-cultural and historical education for the formation of a harmonious personality with an understanding of the principles of academic honesty.

- Use the knowledge of biomedical sciences in professional activities to identify and solve modern problems in public health.

-Demonstrates effective communication skills, both at the level of personal communication and at the level of systemic interaction with organizations and institutions of public health, including using modern information technologies.

- Applies critical thinking skills in analyzing and solving problems, including for setting goals and objectives in professional activities and planning their further education.

-Able to organize their own activities in accordance with applicable law.

-Able to monitor and evaluate the quality of the environment, the performance of health organizations and the health of the population.-Knows modern technologies and methods of public health management.

-Proficient in infection control technologies in medical institutions, including in emergency situations.

-Knows methods of measuring the quality and safety of medical services, analysis and evaluation of risk management in health services, based on regulatory legal acts.

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