Since September 2023, Ualikhanov University has proudly established a Research Institute dedicated to life and health sciences. Taking the helm of this institute is Dr. Nurbek Igisin, a distinguished Kazakhstani medical scientist with a rich history of accomplishments.

Igisin Nurbek Sagynbekuly, has been a Doctor of Medical Sciences since 2008 and a professor since 2018. His impact on the field is profound, with an impressive portfolio of 475 scientific papers, including 5 textbooks and 55 publications in renowned international scientific journals. He's an active participant in global conferences, showing notable citation indices: 12 on Scopus, 16 on Google Scholar, and 8 on Web of Science.

In his role as a mentor, Nurbek Sagynbekuly has nurtured the academic journeys of 9 PhD holders, 1 candidate of Sciences, and 20 Masters of Medical Sciences, among them 4 with an MBA. His guidance has led students to excel, clinching victories at international conferences. Currently, he oversees the progress of 10 graduate students, 5 PhD candidates, 2 field doctors, and 1 undergraduate.

Beyond academia, Nurbek Sagynbekuly holds influential positions in various organizations. Since 2010, he has chaired the Central Asian Institute for Medical Institute and served as President of the Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention from 2023 to 2024. Additionally, he contributes to the editorial boards of renowned scientific journals.

Nurbek Sagynbekuly engages in grant projects focused on cancer research and prevention in Kazakhstan, significantly shaping the country's healthcare landscape. His dedication and expertise have garnered recognition, earning him a spot among the top 50 university educators in Kazakhstan in 2021, along with prestigious awards for his contributions to healthcare.

His areas of expertise span oncology, healthcare organization, epidemiology, medical statistics, and biometrics. Nurbek Sagynbekuly's scientific breakthroughs not only inform healthcare practices but also hold substantial theoretical value, underscoring his profound impact on the field.