The recent visit of Ambassador Refik Shabanovich, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, to Ualikhanov University has marked a significant milestone in the realm of academic cooperation.

During his meeting with the university administration, Ambassador Shabanovich engaged in discussions centered around enhancing bilateral relations through academic collaboration. He commended the university for its high standards of education and acknowledged its rising prominence on the global academic stage.

Emphasizing the value of such collaborations, Ambassador Shabanovich highlighted the potential for exchanging knowledge and cultural values. Such exchanges, he noted, are crucial for fostering global development and mutual understanding. Furthermore, he emphasized the opportunities these collaborations provide for students and teachers to broaden their horizons and gain access to new resources and ideas in an international context.

Ualikhanov University has already established fruitful partnerships with universities in the Republic of Croatia, notably the University of Zagreb, through joint international projects. During the meeting, discussions also revolved around exploring avenues for academic cooperation with other Croatian universities, with particular focus on fields such as agronomy and medicine.

These collaborative initiatives pave the way for joint projects and research endeavors that hold the potential to benefit both nations and contribute to global peace and progress. By fostering cross-cultural understanding and leveraging collective expertise, partnerships between Ualikhanov University and Croatian academic institutions serve as catalysts for innovation and positive change on a global scale.